No more lower back pain!



The Only Chiropractor Designed Spine Roller

No other spine roller can improve your posture or possibly help you live better with spine pains than The Ultimate Back Roller!

This yoga wheel works well on all areas of the spine - from the neck down to the lower spine.


With its patented bump pattern and a gap in the center, you won’t feel any pressure on your spine.

A therapeutic and truly effective spine cracker that can release knots and trigger points.

Premium Quality Spine Massager for Every Body Type

Made of high-quality EVA foam and plastic inner core.

Our patented back roller is bigger - and better - than any other roller.

At 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide, it can hold as much as 1000 pounds

Whatever your body weight, this is the perfect spine roller and stretching equipment for you!

Great for Chest and Leg Workouts - If you want a back massager that you can use to work out your entire body, this is the spine wheel roller for you.

The Perfect Gift for Fitness Enthusiasts - Everything you ever wanted in a yoga wheel, you can find in this ultimate back roller wheel!

It is best for thoracic extension, allowing you to achieve good posture and may even help you avoid back pains.

Using the roller as part of your fitness routine can help increase mobility and flexibility, working every part of your body.

It's easy to use and travel-friendly too! A great gift for beginners and fitness lovers.

The Ultimate Spine Roller boasts fitness products designed by chiropractors.